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MOBILE CAR BODY REPAIRS AT YOUR HOME OR WORK. Scratch repairs. Dent repair. Bumper scuff repairs. Alloy repairs.

We dont charge VAT or extra for paint and materials ! NO NEED TO CALL US, SAVE 10% ! 

Please help us price up your quote by sending clear photo's of the damage.

10% off your scratch repair quote if you send photo's of the scratches to your car ;- just WhatsApp pic's to 07944 354537 , - add your postcode and we will reply as fast as we can. 

You can send pic's direct to your local smart repair technician in Rochdale - Stephen on 07944354537

To price up the damage to your car accurately we need you to send pictures of the damage as no two repairs are exactly the same. The price of a scratch, dent or scuff repair depends on two things...the size of the damage and how long it will take to repair. There are a few things to factor in when quoting car paintwork damage, namely time, materials, the colour of the car and where on the car the damage is....so for instance a light scuff/scratches to one bumper corner will be cheaper than a scratch or scuff on a door panel that needs blending out in to adjacent panels.

Smart Repair NW don't promise to be the cheapest in town or "we will beat any other quote" we leave that to the other smart repair companies that are not as good as us and use cheap paint and materials. However we are a cost effective solution to an indoor body shop and pride ourselves on being one of the best smart repair firms in the country. Others may say we won't be beaten on price but sometimes to buy cheap is to buy twice! .

Why choose us for your car scratch and dent repairs ? Take a look at the photo's on our gallery page and see for yourself. There you will see we dont have stock photo's pulled off the internet like some smart repairs firms have on their websites or c.g.i enhanced before and after shots. Everyone of our gallery photo's are of a paying customers car, and they are before, during and after shots. We are proud of the work we carry out. We are a good low cost option for your car body repairs compared to a body shop and most other smart repair companies.

Fill out our quote page and you can upload photo's from your smart phone.

10% off your scratch repair quote if you send photo's of the scratches to your car ;- just WhatsApp pic's to 07944 354537 ,  add your postcode and we will reply as fast as we can. 

We can repair your car paintwork scratches in a few hours. A small scratch to one panel or bumper corner can usualy be repaired in a couple of hours. We have been smart repairing car scratches in Manchester for over 10 years. We have the experience and know how to get your paintwork back to a body shop finish even though we repair your car outside at your home or workplace.

We also cover all of Rochdale for car paintwork scratch repairs, dent repair and bumper scuff repairs.


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