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About SMART REPAIRS NORTHWEST. Fast quote > WhatsApp photo's of damage + your postcode & YOU SAVE 10% !

Mobile car body paintwork repairs covering Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire

Car scratch, scuff and dent repairs to all types of car paintwork

  • Alloy wheel repairs
  • Bumper scuff repairs

NO NEED TO CALL US, SAVE 10%. YOU CAN SEND PIC'S + POSTCODE. Fill out our quote page and you can upload photo's from your smart phone.

10% off your scratch repair quote if you send photo's of the scratches to your car ;- just whatsApp pic's to 07944 354537 , Add your postcode and we will reply as fast as we can. 


Smart Repair Northwest is an independant mobile car body repair company that operates in and around Cheshire and Greater Manchester. We are City & Guilds and NVQ qualified with over 20 years experience in car body repairs.

Our mobile workshop uses the same products as a high end body shop and is fitted with the latest vehicle repair equipment.

Using the latest smart repair techniques we repair only the damaged area, which means most of the time we don't have to spray the whole panel saving you time and money. 

All our repairs are to the highest standard possible and are the same finish as a high end repair. Your typical savings using us compared to a body shop is up to 60% on traditional body shop prices. 

All car paintwork is carried out at your home or workplace within a few hours saving you on costly lease car returns and losing your car to a body shop for days. 

Your typical savings using us compared to a body shop is up to 60% on traditional body shop prices. 

We also cover Warrington for car paintwork scratch repair , dent repairs and bumper scuff repair.

How are we different from a car body shop on car dent - scratch repair? Well first off the price.. if you have a scratch going from one panel into the next, we class that as one repair, yes it costs a bit more than a scratch to one panel but body shops charge per panel + paint and materials + vat ;- we charge it as one scratch repair and the price is inclusive of paint + materials and we don't charge vat.

Can i bring my car to you for dent or scratch repairs? No we don't have a workshop (they cost a lot of money to run) we are mobile and come to your home or work to carry out paintwork repairs.

How do you get dent or scratch repairs as good as a body shop? We have been doing mobile scratch repairs a long time, its all about experience. Our northwest technician (Stephen) has been a mobile smart car scratch and dent repairer for over 10 years and has spent over 15 years working in Body shops. we also use the latest fast drying paints and lacquers. We aim for a high end repair... 95-98% overall finish.

Can you still carry out dent - scratch repairs in bad weather? sometimes yes sometimes no, it depends on the location...such as ;- are there wind breaks (fences, houses and the like) or is it an exposed car park. And namely how heavy the rain and strength of the wind. Cold weather is not really a factor in mobile smart repairs it just slows the repair process down a bit. If the weather is too bad on the day we can reschedual your repair - lead times vary.

How long does a typical bumper scuff, dent or scratch repair take ? A scratch repair or small dent to one panel takes 2-3 hours, a light bumper scuff around 2 hours. A key scratch to say 2 or 3 panels could take 5-6 hours depending on the size of the panels and the temperature on the day.

How long is the warranty on dent - scratch repairs? Our typical warranty is 1 year - which is pretty much standard for the smart repair industry.

In years gone by a cosmetic paintwork scratch, scuff or dent would have meant losing your car to a body shop for days or even a week - we can repair a scratch, bumper scuff or small dent in hours on your drive and still get it to look like a body shop job. There is no need anymore to waste a day driving round for quotes, just snap a photo on your smart phone of the damage and text/whatsapp, email or upload photo's form our quote page. 

You can save yourself hundreds of pounds off body shop bills by having your dents, scratches and scuffs repaired by us. Body shops get more and more expensive every year for car paintwork repairs, we keep our overheads low by being mobile and internet based and pass those savings on to you.  

We repair the following types of damage to your car paintwork * car dents scuffs and scratches * scratches and scuffs to plastic bumpers *cracked dented or gouged bumpers * minor accident paintwork damage * vandal scratches * mirror cover scratches * lease, mobilty, hire, and fleet return car scratch scuff and dent repairs * cosmetic alloy wheel repairs (excluding diamond/lazer cut alloys)*


  • Typical cosmetic car damage
    Dent Damage, Scratch Damage, Alloy Damage, Bumper Scuff Damage
  • Car panel scratch damage
    Scratches are block sanded out and or using a sander. Then the damaged area is primed. The primer and panel is then wet flatted and keyed up. The panel is then masked out prior to painting. Once spayed with the colour basecoat it is then clear coat lacquered and baked using infra red heat lamps. After drying it is wet flatted again and machine polished 'buffed' to a high gloss finish.


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