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At Smart Repairs North West we repair your car scratches on your drive in the Bury area. We have your car paintwork scratches, dents and scuffs covered in Bury.



NEED A FAST QUOTE? WHY CALL ? YOU CAN WHATSAPP PHOTO'S OF DAMAGE TO 07944 354537  and get 10% off your quote. We dont travel to quote damage, that's how we keep the cost down for YOU.

We Offer Vehicle scratch, scuff and dent repairs at body shop quality from the comfort of your home or workplace in Bury, with huge savings on body shop prices.

Smart Repairs North West can repair your cars paintwork damage in less than a day and all carried out wherever you are in and around Bury.

All car repairs carried out use bodyshop quality paints, materials and procedures, giving you a body shop finish repair. We have been repairing scratches scuffs and dents to cars in Bury for over 10 years and have hundreds of happy customers in the Bury area alone. 


Car Dent Repair in Bury.

We can repair your car body dents with smart repair techniques and body shop methods.

Here's how we do it - 

How is a dent repair carried out ? 

Here are the simple steps... 1- before the job is started the car is colour matched and paint mixed onsite. 2 - the dent is pushed and/or pulled out as much as possilble with smart repair tools. 3 - the damaged area is sanded then filled with high quality body filler. 4 - the filler is repaired by hand + using a sander. 5 - the filler is primed with fast drying high build primer. 6 - the primer and whole repair area is wet flatted and keyed up. 7 - the panel is masked up prior to painting. 8 - the panel is degreased using panel wipe degreaser. 9 - the colour basecoat is spayed on 6-10 coats and dried. 10 - two coats of anti-scratch clear coat lacquer is sprayed on and dried. 11 - once cured the lacquer is wet flatted and machine buffed up to a high gloss finish.

Have you been unlucky enough to have a bump? Live in the Bury area ? Dont worry your local dent repair guy Stephen has been repairing car dents in the Bury area for years, he's proberbley repaired a car on your street. He has repaired dents and scratches at peoples homes and work places in Bury for years.

If you live or work in Bury we have got your dent's covered.

Car Scratch Repairs in Bury.

We can repair your car paint scratches in a few hours. A small scratch to one panel or bumper corner can usualy be repaired in a couple of hours.

Do you want to save up to 60% on traditional body shop prices for your car scratch repairs? then use us, we won't let you down.

The inconvenience of having to drive around to several different body shops to get quotes for car scratch repairs is over, we are fully equiped to take all manner of cosmetic car paintwork scratches, scrapes, scuffs and dents onsite at your location. We can quote your cars paintwork damage online by text or whatsapp - you can also upload photo's on our quote page from your smart phone. In the past a minor scuff or scratch to your car would have meant losing your car to a body shop for up to a week - we can repair a scratch or bumper scuff in a few hours.

With car scratches the thing to take into account is that we are mobile, working outside peoples homes and work places, so there is a limit to how many scratched panels we can take on at any one time. So for instance if the full side of your car has been keyed, then depending on how big your car is and the colour of the vehicle then we might not be able to take it on and you might have to body shop it.

If you live or work Bury we have got your car scratches covered.

Alloy Repairs in Bury.

We can repair your scratched and scuffed alloys (excluding diamond cut)

Smart repairs northwest can repair your scratched and scuffed alloys in a few hours, no need to leave your car at a body shop for days and have to bus, train or taxi to work. We can get your cars scratched and scuffed alloys back to an amazing finish from the comfort of your own home at significant savings compared to body shop prices. We just need parking for our van and to plug into your electric. 

Our fully body shop and smart repair trained technician has been repairing car scratches, scuffs, dents and alloys for decades. We use body shop quality paints and materials for all repairs. A typical scratch, scuff, dent and alloy repair has a 1 year warranty.

If you require alloy repairs and live or work in Bury send photo's for a quote.

Bumper Scuff Repair in Bury.

Bumper scuffs are very common and we specialise in this type of paintwork damage.

Being in the smart repair business for over ten years, here at smart repairs northwest our experience is that bumper scuffs are the most common form of scratch damage that people contact us about, because they are the most unsightly and easiest type of scratch damage to pick up. If you have a lease car and send it back with bumper scuffs or panel scratches you will usually be charged a main dealer body shop price for each scuffed or scratched corner. Or maybe you are looking to sell, part ex or want your pride and joy looking the part again. You could save yourself a lot of expense and time if you fill out our quote form and upload pictures of the scratch/scuff damage. Or simply text photo's of the scratch/scuff damage with your name and postcode. We usualy reply in a few hours. 

In the Bury we have your bumper scuffs covered.

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