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We can repair your car paintwork scratches in a few hours. A small scratch to one panel or bumper corner can usualy be repaired in a couple of hours. We have been smart repairing car paintwork scratches in Manchester and Cheshire for over 10 years. We have the experience and know how to get your paintwork back to a body shop finish even though we repair your car outside at your home or workplace.

Now covering cheadle wilmslow northwich and runcorn for mobile car body scratch scuff and dent repairs. . We specialise in car bumper scuff repairs. We could save you hundreds of pounds, especialy on costly lease car returns.

We also cover Cheadle for car paintwork car scratch repair, dent repair and bumper scuff repairs.


How is a dent repair carried out ? 

Here are the simple steps... 1- before the job is started the car is colour matched and paint mixed onsite. 2 - the dent is pushed and/or pulled out as much as possilble with smart repair tools. 3 - the damaged area is sanded then filled with high quality body filler. 4 - the filler is repaired by hand + using a sander. 5 - the filler is primed with fast drying high build primer. 6 - the primer and whole repair area is wet flatted and keyed up. 7 - the panel is masked up prior to painting. 8 - the panel is degreased using panel wipe degreaser. 9 - the colour basecoat is spayed on 6-10 coats and dried. 10 - two coats of anti-scratch clear coat lacquer is sprayed on and dried. 11 - once cured the lacquer is wet flatted and machine buffed up to a high gloss finish.



  • Do you guarantee your repairs for lease inspection ?
    The simple answer is no, and here is why... as stated before in our opinion the best we or anyone else can get a smart repair is 95-96% overall repair and paint finish. Any repair done outside by us or in an body shop is at best 97% as good as a body shop finish and some end of lease inspections go beyond and above smart repair industry standards. Some inspections even involve the paintwork being scanned for depth to see if its been repaired/resprayed. We always do the very best we can with any repair be it a lease car or not, but we can not refund any repair that is pulled up by a lease inspector or be liable for any cost involved in rectifying any paintwork/repair done by us.
  • What if i need to cancel a job or reschedule ?
    Just drop us a message for next available repair date. PLEASE NOTE ;- if you want to reschedule or cancel with less than 24hrs notice its a £50 no show fee/late cancellation fee, as it makes it very hard for us to book another job in for that repair slot costing us time and money.
  • Where do i take the car?
    You don't, we come to you ! . We can repair your car at your home or workplace (workplace we need permission to be respraying on the premises). All we need is safe parking for our van (no underground car parks) and to plug into a power point within 35 meters of your car.
  • How long do the repairs take?
    A light bumper scuff to one corner is usually around 2 hours. A small panel scratch (depending on the colour) 2-3 hours. A small dent 2-4 hours. Alloy wheels 1-2 hours each.
  • How do you match the colour?
    Every vehicle has a unique colour code somewhere on it or sometimes in the service book. That code is then put into our colour map system, we enter how much paint is needed and that gives us a specific amount in grams per tinter. That is then mixed up on site and checked to your car before work is started.
  • How are the repairs carried out?
    Smart Repair Northwest is effectively a mobile car paint shop. Most times we will repair your car the same way a body shop does i.e:- scratches are sanded out, primed, masked and resprayed. A dent is pushed or pulled out as much as possible before being body filled and resprayed. Bumper scuffs are sanded, filled, primed and painted in the same way a body shop does. Scuffs and scratches to alloys are sanded out before being masked out and resprayed silver. We use a fast drying topcoat lacquer that is dust dry is 60 seconds, baked dry in around 15 minutes, and then wet flatted and polished up to a high gloss.
  • Do you give warranty / guarantee?
    Sorry no, we work outside not in a controlled environment. Your car could be painted in 30c or -5c in wind, rain, sleet, snow, dust etc. To many variables, so at present no warranty or guarantee is available.
  • Will i be able to tell its been repaired?
    We aim for all our repairs to be unnoticeable to a person who wasn't aware of the original damage. We aim for a high end repair at half the cost of a body shop. So a typical repair by us is 96-98% of a body shop finish. So if it's a lease car going back or part exchanging it we've got your scratches scuffs and dents covered.

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